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recent changes that had a positive impact on the Click-Through Rate and hence improved your Ad Sense revenue. Can you share with me by email what changes did you do so that I can build an accurate optimization tips report for you? 15, 2014, was in French, and it looked like a form letter generated for clients who achieve certain revenue goals. On Jan 28, Sami received a third email, also in French: "We have deactivated your Google Ad Sense account ...

your account block is final, we have blocked payment on your corresponding balance.") Sami says he begged and pleaded with Google but that he cannot figure out what Google thinks is wrong with his site.

And because it is so massive, and so many companies in the online ad ecosystem are entirely dependent on it, Google becomes a ripe target for rumors and complaints.

Google is also constrained in explaining publicly how it detects bad behavior and click fraud on the web, because doing so would help those creating the fraud.

So its bans often feel secretive or arbitrary to publishers.

Sami says that ad, for another of his sites, was placed there by him only after Google cut him off and his ad revenue declined.

The issue is further complicated because, Sami says, Google's ad rules in French are slightly different from the ones published in English.

The ban feels galling to Sami because it came on Jan.

In an email Google sent to Sami, Google says Mes Textos was incentivizing or forcing people to click on ads to use the site, which is against the rules; Sami denies that.

He says two different Google sales staff praised his revenue-generating efforts and, in separate emails, offered to help optimize his site to improve its performance.

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